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The Double Diamond SC now have their own


www.doublediamondscooterclub.co.uk/                                          dd bird                dd ride





dd ace                             dd bar                                                                                                                     cheque presentation 2014



dd Jules                          



2013 rally flyer









You might have noticed there seems to be a lot more scooters whizzing around the area lately, that’s because Risborough now has its very own scooter club The Double Diamonds. Founded in 2012 The Double Diamonds meet regularly at The Bird In Hand, Station Road, Princes Risborough, where they have been welcomed by landlady Pat Cooper who has embraced the scooter scene whole heartedly by decorating the walls with photos of the clubs scooters and a fantastic cuckoo clock with a lambretta that comes out on the hour, complete with engine sound.

The club is very friendly and there are no strict joining rules, women are welcome and the scooters can be as unique as you like, you do not have to own a Lambretta or Vespa, one member has a 1957 BSA Dandy.  

We have regular ride outs and often travel to visit other scooter events such as Camber Sands and Mersea Island, some members also attend events abroad. The club has close ties with the Northern Cheeky Monkeys Scooter Club from Yorkshire.

The club is a not for profit group just wishing to bring together those with a shared love of scootering and the music and lifestyle that goes along with it.

For more details of ride outs and meets call Frankie on 07976 611797 or click here to visit the Double Diamonds SC Facebook page.


dd cheque

The Club grew large enough in 2013 to hold their own weekend Charity Scooter Rally which was a resounding success raising over £1,000 for Iain Rennie.                                                                                                                                                                                 

The Charity Weekender Rally is now a regular event held at Towersey Playing Fields, with live bands, karaoke, bars, catering, camping and competitions, it is a family friendly event for all to enjoy not just scooter riders.


The 2014 rally raised money for Macmillian Cancer Support and the 2015 rally will be in aid of Cancer Research.


 Some of the fun from last years rally.



 Come join us at the 2015 rally and help raise money for a worthy cause just by having fun.

2015 rally flyer