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Historical Maps of Monks Risborough


Jefferys’ map of 1770 indicates the location of the complex of houses around the Burton Lane and Green Lane area, with more houses located in the larger Princes Risborough. Mills also feature as important in the area as a whole.



Bryant’s map of 1825 shows more housing in the Burton Lane, Green Lane and Mill Lane area. Each of the named centres is a small hamlet sized area.



The enclosure map of 1839 again shows a rural and open location for the majority of Monks Risborough with Plot 395 recorded as an allotment in Church Lane owned by Elizabeth Gerard and Plot 396 known as ‘The Church yard’ was a freehold of the Reverend Henry Dimock, Rector. The area of Burton Lane and Green Lane is shown as an assortment of cottages, gardens, orchards and allotments.



Ordnance Survey from 1877



Ordnance Survey from 1898






Ordnance Survey from 1921



Valuation map from 1910



Ordnance Survey 1972