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What is happening? 

  • The procedure for gaining access to the CSC is changing.
  • You will no longer be able to gain access to the CSC via the main school gate (HP27 0DR).
  • The rear (school bus/Icknield Way) entrance (HP27 0DT)¹ will become the main access point for all CSC Users.

 When is it happening?

  • This change will become effective from00 on Monday 20th November 2017.
    • From this time and date, the following  opening schedules will apply to this access point:
      • Monday to Friday – closed 00 to 06.30.
      • Weekends: closed all day, every day.
      • School holidays: closed all day, every day.
      • Note: the main gate, side entrance will remain open for pedestrian access only, when the CSC is open.

 Why are we changing the access point? 

  • As part of the pre-planning process for the CSC, it was agreed with the Council (also requested by local residents) that all CSC traffic would enter via the rear gate only; thus reducing noise and traffic pollution.
  • However, its implementation was delayed due to funding and H&S issues: essentially, a lack of traffic calming measures and adequate lighting near the rear entrance.
  • As the CSC has become increasingly popular, the heightened throughput of traffic and subsequent noise pollution has increased the angst and genuine concern of some of our local residents; thankfully, the school managed to source additional funding from the Council to install lighting for this area.

Please can distribute this message to all of your clients, colleagues and friends who are Users of the CSC and in whatever capacity


  1.   HP27 0DT will only point you to the approximate vicinity of the rear entrance; BUT, it may direct you to the Icknield Way². We have applied to the Council for a bespoke CSC post code, but in the interim, please only use the school bus road, as indicated by the red arrow in the map below. 
  2.  The Icknield/Ridgeway path isn’t suitable for vehicular access – many delivery vans and cars have become stuck using this path; it’s also one of the oldest existing paths in Europe, so it’s not only managed and protected by various local and national organisations, it is also designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), so the school has certain obligations to meet and observe. 
  3. Please also be aware, that there is no lighting along the entirety of this access road – from the road start until you reach the entrance; we therefore advise that any visitors on foot, should gain access via the main gate, side entrance (HP27 0DR). 
  4. During busier and larger events, there is scope to open both gates, but this will only be authorised on a case-by-case basis and only on very rare occasions. 
  5.  Please do not under any circumstances, attempt to drive a vehicle between the upper and lower CSC car parks i.e. along the side path directly adjacent to the Terrace Café; the path is not robust enough to take the weight and from an H&S perspective, there are people accessing/departing the CSC through this entrance on a regular basis.
  6. All access is/will be controlled by the Site Manager and her team – all queries should be directed to her in the first instance (mhawes@princesrisborough.bucks.sch.uk)

Many thanks

Paul O’Connell

Paul O’Connell   |   Business Development  Officer    Princes Risborough School   |   T: 01844 345496 Option 2   |   M: 07870123375   |  F: 01844 341477





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