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Princes Risborough Local Plan


June 2019


Wycombe District Council has released a new consultation on the Princes Risborough Expansion.

Click here for more details

There is also a public meeting at Princes Risborough Community Centre on 2nd July at 7:30pm regarding this, but you must register to attend Click here to register


March 2019

The consulatation into the Proposed Main Modification of the Local plan is now closed but you can view the responses by clicking here



The Secretary of State has now  appointed independent planning inspector Nicola Gulley MA MRTPI to conduct an independent examination into the soundness and legal compliance of the Wycombe District Local Plan.


December 2017

The consultation is now closed and Wycombe District Council are currently collating the responses.


October 2017

The FINAL CONSULTATION on the Local Plan is now open until the 27th November 2017.

Please note that any comments sent during previous consultations will not be viewed by the Planning Inspector, you need to submit your comments again. 


RARA (Risborough Area Residents Association) are still campaigning for a better Local Plan and have compiled a leaflet, detailing the issues around the proposed Local Plan and how you can submit comments. Click here to view the  leaflet.  Click here for full details of the RARA “Rescue Risborough” campaign.


As of 25/10/2017 there are still places available at the North District (Princes Risborough) Local Plan Briefing Event on Thursday 2nd November 2017, 7:30pm at Princes Risborough Community Centre. This event is free but you have to book your ticket click here to book.


Click here to view the Princes Risborough Local Plan which forms part of the Wycombe District Local Plan and is now open for consultation.


RARA’s petition was debated at Wycombe District Council Cabinet meeting  on June 5th. Read the Bucks Free Press article click here.


RARA’S Letters In Response to the Local Plan

Risborough Area Residents Association (RARA) have been working hard to reduce the number of new homes to be built in the Risborough Area under The Local Plan,  click here to see the letters written to Wycombe District Council covering the areas of AONB, Rail letter, Local Plan Issues, Economic Sustainability and Road Infrastructure


JULY 2016

Many residents are unhappy about the proposed Local Plan, if you are one of them IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!!

The “Rescue Risborough” Campaign in association with Risborough Area Residents Association (RARA) is under way. 

You have until AUGUST 8th 2016 to share your views (positive or negative) on the Local Plan with Wycombe District Council.

Details of the “Rescue Risborough” campaign can be found by following the link below.  If you feel you don’t fully understand the implications of the building of 2600 houses in our area or you wish to send a comment to Wycombe District Council all the information you need can be found via the link.


Click here to see the questions and observations raised by your fellow residents at the Public Rescue Risborough Meeting 21st July 2016



Princes Risborough Expansion Plans (This was the situation in August 2015)

RAP has been invited to participate in the committee working on the development of a new Local Plan for the Risborough area.

The need to develop this plan has become urgent as the changes to the planning law brought in by the government will make it more likely the planning applications brought by developers will be approved on appeal by the Planning Inspectorate�?� even if the Local Authority has rejected the application.


Princes Risborough sits on the edge of the London Green Belt. The Green Belt boundary hugs the south-east side of the town and then, north of the towngoes up to the�?� Risborough to Aylesbury railway line. It is the area north-west of the railway line�?� that a number of developers are already targeting, some applications have already been submitted and a majority of the landowners in this area have already made agreements with the developers.

�?� Housing Schemes Proposed by developers

In the absence of an up to date plan from the local authority, these developments will most likely be approved and go ahead in a piecemeal fashion. The local plan will enable the local authority to manage where these developments happen, what type of housing is provided, ensure that green public spaces are provided, plan nature corridors and public buildings. It will also be able to co-ordinate the local plan with the BCC strategic transport plans for the route of any relief road around Risborough and ensure that the developers contribute to the local infrastructure.

Another key issue is that Network Rail is proposing to use the Risborough to Aylesbury railway line as part of the East-West rail project. The need for upgrading the line, bridges and stations is being considered as part of this project and is relevant to major housing expansion at Princes Risborough. Network Rail are holding a local consultation event in Princes Risborough on 21 September 2015, 12-8pm �?� to be held at Elim Church, Princes Risborough and everyone is encouraged to attend this to see what is proposed and make comments �?� Also, HS2 Ltd are currently proposing to use the main roads through Princes Risborough as routes for their construction traffic. Mitigation plans are being put forward by the Local Authorities, including Princes Risborough Town Council and Wycombe District Council to try and get this traffic re-routed away from the town altogether and onto better routes. But if lorries do come through the town, local mitigation measures to reduce the impact will be sought.

Infrastructure - Work in Progress

Other considerations that have to be taken into account by the committee and planners are that any plans have to be realistic in that a sufficient number of houses have to be provided, this plan will be scrutinised by the government inspectors and if it is deemed not to satisfy the requirements it will be rejected and this will leave the door open to the piecemeal development. This has already happened in Aylesbury Vale.

Over the last few months WDC Planning have been listening to local views and working closely with representatives from Princes Risborough Town Council and other local representative bodies.�?� They are now entering the next phase where they will look at what the preferred options would be and have outlined these in a �¢??preferred development scenario�¢?? as shown on the Development and Associated Open Space Areas plan. This indicates how 1,900-2,500 homes could be accommodated in the area north of the railway line.

Potential Development and Open spaces

The Local Density Study diagram shows the wide range of housing character and density in the town today. This has been done to make sure that new development is not planned at a different scale to the rest of the town, nor uniform in character, instead adapting to suit the location, landscape setting and access to local facilities.

Local Density Study0006

The Local Plan committee was formed in June and has so far had 3 meetings. The committee is chaired by Alan Turner, current Town Mayor and a member of WDC Planning Committee, and is supported by Rosie Brake from the WDC Planning department.

Other participants include:

Gary Hall (WDC & PRTC)

John Coombs (PRTC)

Ian Churchill (PRTC)

Andy Ball (PRTC)

Bill Bendyshe-Brown (BCC Member)

David �?� Johncock (WDC Cabinet Member for Planning and Sustainability)

Rolf Van Apeldoorn (Longwick PC)

David Maycock (Askett Society)

David Merchant (Monks Risborough Society)

Stewart Baxter (Risborough Area Residents�¢?? Association)

Ian Moore (Princes Risborough School)

Richard Clayton (Risborough Area Partnership)

Matthew Walsh (Risborough Business Group)

Jim Stevens (Roll B agent for PTRC at HS2 select committee)

Daniel Brown (Risborough Rugby Club)

David Knights (WDC Member)


Next Steps

Steered by the committee, WDC will aim to publish a draft plan by spring 2016 for consultation and any feedback will be incorporated and a revised plan issued in late summer 2016. This plan will be tested by a planning inspector at a public examination early in 2017 where anyone can come to the table with their views. If the plan passes the examination, it could be adopted by the Council in summer 2017.


Background to the Local Plan

Work has been progressing now for a year to create the groundwork for the plan. Last September there was a public meeting at the community centre and an on-line survey to collect the views of the residents.�?� Following this WDC and PRTC appointed a Town Planning consultancy to produce two reports. These reports and their appendices can also be found on the WDC planning website by following the links below:

The first of these reports sets out the background to the work which is being undertaken, and the wider context. The second report explores the issues, and the potential responses to them, in connection with a potential expansion of Princes Risborough.


A further meeting and exhibition was held in January 2015 together with Network Rail.

The presentation from this event can be found here – 28 January 2015 Future of Princes Risborough presentation


In July WDC took a stall at the annual street fair to discuss the plans with the public and also had a drop-in session at the community centre.�?�  Links to the various boards which were on display can be found�?�  below:

�?� If you have any comments on the Local Plan details presented here please use the contact facility on the website or contact the Princes Risborough Town Council directly.

For more details including the minutes of the Steering Group meetings, click here to be taken to the WDC website.

�?� LATEST �?� Wycombe District Local Plans Princes Risborough Town Plan Regulation 18 Consultation launched�?�