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The Princes Risborough Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) is a voluntary group,
that brings together people interested in improving the quality of life in the local
community. Our members include representatives from local businesses, schools,
churches, County Council, District Council, Town Council and other community
bodies, along with ordinary residents and our Neighbourhood Police Team.

We meet monthly with the purpose of working with the Thames Valley Police in
agreeing those areas of policing most relevant to the community and to jointly
identify suitable solutions, thereby tackling crime and other problems at a very
local and appropriate level.

Our priorities at the moment as chosen by the community are Speeding, Anti-Social Behaviour and Grafitti and violence.

Our goal is to ensure that Princes Risborough is a pleasant and safe place to live, work and visit.


Many residents complain to us about speeding in the area, in fact it is the subject we receive most correspondence about, therefore we have made it our number one priority.




We ran a competition asking local school children to design an anti-speeding poster for us.  The volume and quality of the entries was amazing, finally two winners were chosen.  We got exactly what we wanted, a conscience pricking think about the children message from our Princes Risborough Primary School winner Abigail Bedford-Orchart that we use around the Primary Schools and a hard hitting Take Your Time Not A Life! message from Calum Collins of Princes Risborough School which we use on our most problem  roads.



With funds received from Bucks County Council the NAG were able to purchase two vehicle activated signs, these signs are moved around our problem areas and are in place for seven days at each location.  With funds received from Kop Hill Climb we have now had groundscrews installed so that we can cover another 3 speeding hotspots.  The data recovered from these VAS’s will shortly be presented to Thames Valley Police and local Councils, it is hoped that the traffic police will visit with their camera more often and that the 30mph speed limit on the Wycombe Road will return to its original place further away from town.

We are very grateful to the PRTC Maintenance for their help in maintaining and moving these signs.



We have purchased our own radar equipment and regularly hold Speedwatch sessions.  Details of the vehicles seen speeding are passed onto Thames Valley Police who then send a warning letter to the registered owner of the vehicle.  If the same vehicle is seen speeding  three times, the owner recieves a visit from the Police.

As you can see from the picture, we try to run sessions in the winter as well. 

We are always looking for Speedwatch volunteers and if you would to join us or even head up a team of neighbours to cover your road, we will train you and loan our equipment.



The NAG managed to secure funding to produce two portable signs to be used by our local Police team outside the schools in their police area, which now runs as far as Hughden. It is hoped that the use of these signs will slow traffic outside schools during school opening and closing times.



We often recieve complaints of inconsiderate parking around the town.  The most common complaint is of vehicles parking too close to a junction or dead opposite another vehicle, so that emergency vehicles and The Community Bus have great difficulty in getting through.

The NAG have produced signs reminding drivers of the Highway Code and Road Vehicles Regulations 1986 which we have erected in the problem areas.  Similarly to the Community Speedwatch offenders will recieve a warning letter.


We are interested in your opinion

If you live and/or work in the Princes Risborough Town area which includes Askett, Monks Risborough and Whiteleaf we would like to hear from you. To assist with Neighbourhood Policing and to ensure our priorities match those of the community we need your views.

Please email your answers to the questions below to us at prisboroughnag@gmail.com


Please confirm that you live or work in the Princes Risborough town area.

I live in (road/street)   ……………………………………..
I work in (road/street) ……………………………………..

Your age group     Under 16   16-20    21-35    36-50                51-65    Over 65

  • Which ONE CRIME (if any) concerns you most in the town area?

            Please be precise with your answer by completing the what? when? where?

            What type of crime?
(Please be specific)

            At what time of day/night does this usually occur?
(Please be specific)

            In what road/street/area does this concern you?
(Please be specific)

  • Do you have any other concerns you wish us to consider? If so, please state below in order of importance. Again, please be specific about what? where? and when?

            What?                                      Where?                                    When?


What is 101?

101 is a national single non-emergency number that all police forces use it replaces the Thames Valley Police 0845 8 505 505 (non-emergency) number.
When to call 101?
You should call 101 to report less urgent crime and disorder or to speak to your local officers.
For example, you should call 101 if:

  • your car has been stolen.
  • your property has been damaged.
  • you suspect drug use or dealing in your neighbourhood.

Or to:

  • report a minor traffic collision.
  • give the police information about crime in your area.
  • speak to the police about a general enquiry.

101 is being introduced as part of the Government’s wider work to improve access to the police, ease pressure on 999, and help to efficiently and effectively tackle crime and disorder.

What is the difference between 101 and 999?

You should continue to call 999 when it is an emergency, such as when a crime is in progress, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.

Remember the Police would rather have too much information than not enough, so if you see something you feel is suspicious please call the details into 101.


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