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Risborough Parking Review – 2018 There has been a general consensus that the new parking restrictions introduced in March and April last year have been a great success and have eased the parking problems being experienced by residents around many parts of the town. Indeed, many residents from other roads have asked if new parking restrictions could be introduced in their roads where they consider inconsiderate parking now occurs.

The parking committee consisting of road representatives, PRTC, the Community Bus and led by our County Councillor has met and drawn up draft proposals for informal consultation with town residents to gauge their views. The following requirements have been identified for possible implementation:

a. The Retreat/Highfield/Berryfield/St Teresas/The Avenue/Crossfield/Little Park. Either a single yellow line with restricted times (10-11 and 14-15) no parking or a residential parking permit area with the same times. Affected days of the week to be considered.

b. Shortborough/Westmead/Berndine Rise/Windsor Hill. Single yellow line with no parking between 10-12. Affected days of the week to be considered.

c. Longwick Road to Railway Bridge/Brook Road/Cannon Place/Pursells Place. Single yellow line with no parking between 10-11 and 14-15. Affected days of the week to be considered.

d. A4010 Wycombe Road. Double yellow lines to Station Road

e. Clifford Road/Culverton Hill/Merton Road. Single yellow line with restricted parking 10-11 and 14-15 or residential parking permit zone with same times. Affected days of the week to be considered. Also junction protection around these roads.

f. High Street. Double yellow lines also marked on kerb stones to prevent any parking on double yellow lines.

g. Fields and Trees Estates. Andy Ball and John Coombs will undertake consultation with residents before any action considered.

h. Willow Way. To extend double yellow lines on RHS of road from Willow Way entrance to just short of the drive to house No 31.

i. Residential Parking Permit Areas. To consider additionally having a single blue line in resident parking permit areas to reinforce the existing signage and make clear the extent of the zone to anyone entering the area.

j. Wellington Avenue. To consider double yellow lines outside Windsor Lodge in Wellington Avenue.

k. Mill Lane/St Dunstan’s Close. To extend the junction protection markings on Mill Lane coming from St Dunstan’s Close.

l. The Fairway. To ensure it is always possible to pass along the road, investigate double yellow lines from junction with Station Road down one side as far as house No 2. Also for safety around a blind bend, consider introduction double yellow lines by Nos 26 to 29.

The Committee has agreed to hold an informal consultation with town residents on 7th March in Church Hall, Church Street between 3-8pm to test reaction. There is also the option to email risborough.parking.review2018@gmail.com. An online survey monkey account will be created shortly.

Once informal consultation has been completed, proposals will be submitted to Transport for Buckinghamshire for costing.

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