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Risborough Rewards

Ris rewards card v2

In March 2012 RABG began the process of relaunching the moribund Risborough Rewards loyalty card.

The original Risborough Rewards card was free of charge and was accepted in only 9 of our local businesses.  RABG felt that we needed to provide more benefits for card holders and businesses alike, it was also important that the administration of the card scheme was handled efficiently.  The decision was made to employ My Mates Rates, who bring with them the added benefit of cardholder discounts from over 200 national Big Brands, to handle the admistration.

The scheme has now been up and running for 18 months and we currently have 40 retailers and businesses in and around Risborough offering all year round discounts to card holders.

Risborough Rewards has been set up to benefit the community as a whole and to encourage people to shop locally and support our High Street.  The retailers benefit by having a platform to advertise to the local residents and also recieve £5 for every full price card they sell to help them offset the cost of enrolling in the scheme. We have also enabled Schools, churches and community groups to sell the cards, they also recieve £5 per card sold to help raise funds for their own projects.  Finally the remainder of RABG’s card sales goes into the “Community Pot” to help raise funds for local projects.  The first benficeries from the Community Pot are Risborough First Responders who need funds for a new defribulator.

If you would like to enrol your business in the scheme or want to nominate a local small project that is in need of funding please contact us.

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